Ditch those coffee pods!

For convenience and consistency, instant coffee shunning caffeine addicts are increasingly opting for the coffee pod/capsule.

When speaking with our clients, we know that they enjoy the ease of these rather elegant looking little pods with their colour coded jackets and silver-haired ambassador. And they’re not just used in office kitchens and receptions. You can find them in up-market hotels and fine dining restaurants too so they must be good right?

Wrong! We’re here to make the case for good old fashioned bean to cup machines. Good coffee is something of an obsession for us and we’ve tried many a different variety of bean and machine. For us, beans beat pods every time when it comes to the best CDS (coffee delivery system) and here’s why:


Pods coffee tastes a bit watery as you’ve got no control over the whole coffee to water ratio. You only get to pick the pod. Bean to cup machines are calibrated to dispense the right amount of water depending on the type of drink you want. Result? A richer coffee flavour.
Don’t take our word for it either – self proclaimed coffee nerd and director of operations at Workshop Coffee, Tim Williams reckons coffee pod drinks taste “revolting – very thin and with an ashy body.” That doesn’t sound like something we want to drink!


As plant lovers we hate the idea of things that unnecessarily cause damage to the environment and the thing about coffee pods and capsules is that there’s currently no way to recycle them owing to the mixture of materials and the process that go into making them. We’re also not convinced that their manufacture is that brilliant. In fact, the German city of Hamburg introduced a ban last month on using tax payer’s money to buy any type of single coffee portion packaged product (errr pods) owing to the environmental damage they cause. Obviously opting for coffee beans or ready ground coffee isn’t convenient but you’ll be doing the planet a favour. PLUS there are quite a few uses for coffee grounds, although we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to take them home from the office… 🙂


Our final argument is the impact on your wallet. There’s a considerable mark-up for the convenience. By opting for a bean to cup machine you could save 30 pence per cup which doesn’t sound like much until you add it up over the year. We’ve put together this handy chart so that you can see how the costs stack up for yourselves.

Still need some convincing? Give us a call to discuss more or email us and request a free sample pack of our coffee so you can see for yourselves!