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Drinks Machines

Can you imagine a workspace without coffee?

For too long discerning coffee drinkers have been choking down instant or poor quality coffee, or having to resort to a coffee shop for their caffeine fix.

It's time to start an office coffee revolution!

We've scoured the market and have curated a range of beautiful bean-to-cup machines - there's an answer for every budget, office size, and caffeine addiction!

With a full range of consumables, our own blends of beans, and our own coffee technicians to hand... We'll see you enjoy the best coffee experience available!


Exubia offer a range of maintenance options enabling us to tailor a package to suit your needs. These include all necessary filter changes and preventative maintenance. Our bean to cup office coffee machines are extremely user friendly and you can enjoy the benefits of leaving your coffee requirements in the hands of Exubia.


Let us know how many staff you have in your office and we will find the perfect coffee machines to suit your needs. Whether your office has 20 or 2,000 staff, we can cater to your requirements. We also offer solutions for meeting rooms and conference events. Request a free demonstration, where we bring a coffee machine to your office for you to try.


Exubia can offer a wide range of office coffee machines. We will tailor a package to suit your needs. With one of our bean to cup coffee machines in your office, your staff will no longer need to rely on high street coffee but relax at their desks with a steaming, frothy Latte! From 7p to 14p a cup you can’t go wrong!

Which machine will we recommend for you?

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