From concept to install: Office Planting

Due to the diverse projects we undertake, the process varies depending on the nature of the project, the time constraints and the contacts that we’re working closely with throughout.

To satisfy your curiosity, this is basically how we tick:


  • When you first express interest, you are assigned an account manager (and plant specialist), this is your main contact throughout your relationship with Exubia.
  • We normally recommend one of our experts comes and checks out the building and chats things over with you, to find out what you really want.  They will walk around the premises, soak up the culture and mood of the business and the ideas of the staff, and take picture to use in visuals later.  Sometimes visuals or sketches of initial ideas are created at this stage.  This is were the fun starts!


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  • Once back in the office, we go through the photos and any visuals you’ve sent us, create initial ideas and browse suppliers websites and brochures until we find what we think is the perfect solution for every space.
  • The team then get to work in Photoshop – pulling together the recommended planters and plants, and presenting them in-situ, in photos of your office space!


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  • This visual proposal is sent to you, along with pricing, for you to comment on or adjust.
  • We will liaise with you until you are satisfied with the final proposal, at any stage you can turn it down or ask us to start again!
  • Once finalised, we will work out a contract with you and get the plants installed for your deadline!


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  • Maintenance can be provided ongoing and is included in the rental cost.
  • You sit there, relax, and enjoy your refreshed office!


Could we help you refresh your office with office planting?  Get in touch with one of the friendly team today!