5 simple ways to kick start your office for 2017!

Now we’re well into 2017, things are finally starting to settle down, almost enough for you to look away from your screen for a minute and take in the office space around you…

Are there any refreshments your office needs to set it on its way into the 2017?  Think of it as a person…Here are some of our ideas (what we would like if we were an office!):

  • Detox – all the clutter that’s built up over the past year needs clearing out now, before it starts getting added to!
  • A small pick-me-up – something like a new coffee machine, or some new coffee syrups would be the perfect motivator for your staff on these cold mornings!
  • Breath life back into it – go all out with flowers and plants to make your office a really beautiful place to work or bring clients, not just a boring necessity!  See our gallery for inspiration!
  • All change! – why not try rearranging the desk/chair positions? Or you could consider unassigned workstations – all set to be an office design trend on the increase…
  • Celebrate your past successes  – create a gallery wall of staff photos from memorable events and achievements (that crazy group picture at your Christmas party can’t go to waste!).  Introduce new furniture or paint walls in the colours of your brand, or consider a huge, creative version of your logo – make your company’s personality echo through every corridor!